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Central PA weather is the worst

November 16, 2013 - Darian Somers
Central PA has to be the worst part of the America, maybe the world, if you want to know a consistent weather pattern. One day, you walk outside in flip-flops and shorts and the next you're more bundled than when your mom sent you outside to play in the snow.

No different in Happy Valley, and no different in State College. Except that fickle weather sucks, especially when you want to spend three nights a week in a tent.

Still doesn't sound normal, does it?

Sure we love being here, but as much as we love being at Gate A, we equally hate getting shut down.

For many of us, coming to Nittanyville isn't about getting the best seats. (It is maybe your first few campouts.)

Once you start doing this, and enjoying the company of the fellow campers, Gate A becomes an escape. Gate A becomes your mini-vacation from life. It becomes a Thanksgiving break that happens for just three days a week, but seven times a year.

Just like it is for football players to get away from school or girlfriends or whatever it maybe, when you are at Gate A, it's a place to have fun, laugh, smile and most of all relax.

But it's not very relaxing when you can't sleep out because it's too cold. There are certain rules that we have to abide by. No camping if it's below 32 or if there is lightning. This post isn't about how those rules suck, because they are there for our safety. This post isn't about wishing we could control the weather.

Not being at Nittanyville sucks. There is no other feeling like it, and there is no other way to describe not being here on a home football week. Waking up outside Beaver Stadium with the sun over Mount Nittany is equally impressive as walking into the nation's second biggest college football stadium. This week, we were forced to only sleep out Friday night because it was too cold. Thursday night, I hated falling asleep in my own bed. One, because there was nothing on TV, and two, I couldn't fling the pigskin into a blue trashcan due to my boredom.

People who do this every week want to be up here. We know we can't control the weather, and we also know there is safety issues at hand. We also know that besides from our hometowns and our apartments/dorms/houses in State College, Gate A is our home, and we don't mind taking out a 30-year mortgage.

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