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gr8 pet txt msg 4 u! :-)

March 29, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

  Yes, I'm one of those people. I'm rather attached to my cell phone and am constantly being busted by friends, co-workers and Neil Rudel for the amount of texting I do. What can I say. I'm a communicator. I enjoy being in touch with friends. I often can be founding texting one person while talking to another (from the same phone). I realize that cell phones have become a major distraction to some (usually those who haven't adapted to using a cell phone or are hesitant to learn), but for somebody like myself who is able to multi-task and enjoys being able to actively engage in more than one sensory-fullfilling activity at a time, texting is a great outlet.

Today you can have most any kind of information you desire sent to you via text message (that's: txt msg). For people who like to receive up-to-the-date news, weather, sports scores, entertainment news, stock reports, airline information, confirmations, etc. it is now available 24/7.

dog txt msg

Interestingly enough, the ASCPA has even gone mobile, You can sign up for free* text alerts regarding:

Pet Care Tips: Sign up for pet care tips and each week receive tips from ASPCA experts on pet poison prevention, health care, foods to avoid and fun pet facts. You can choose Dog Care Tips or Cat Care Tips.

Advocacy Alerts: Sign up for Advocacy Alerts and ASCPA will send you a text message whenever urgent action is required on pending humane legislation.

Signing up for the service is easy and you can chose the type of alerts you wish to receive. Once you've selected the type (dog and/or cat pet care tips and/or advocacy information), then you enter your mobile number and wireless carrier and select Opt-in. That's it. ASPCA will send you a confirmation text message a few minutes later and you're on your way to becoming more informed than your friends and perhaps somebody's lifeline on a future game show.

Opting out is just as simple if you decide you don't want to receive these pet-friendly text messages any longer.

* Just be certain that you know what kind of text messaging plan you have. If you pay by the text (most plans are approx. $.10 cents per incoming and outgoing text), then your account will be charged that fee for each text you receive. This is a charge from your cell phone company. ASPCA doesn't charge you to participate. If you have a text messaging plan that allows you x number of incoming/outgoing text messages per month for a monthly fee (ie. 3,000 text messages for $19.99) then each pet text you receive will just be counted towards your allotted number allowed per your monthly plan. The last representative I spoke with at Cingular tried to make me wager that I would not be able to go over my 3,000 texts allowed per month. Now, I'm not a competitive person by nature, but then again, I don't think it was a good idea to bet I couldn't do something.... lol --> that's short for Laugh Out Loud for those of you still trying to catch to the new email/texting lingo. :-) that's a smile.

**And, if your name is not on your monthly cell phone account as the person responsible for paying the bill (yes, I'm talking to you, youth of today :-p ) then be sure to ask the 'bill payer' first before going and signing up for any extra cell phone features.

If you decide to try the new mobile messaging service from the ASPCA, let me know what you think of it. We can share your reviews here at the Dog Blog!

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