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Tomassetti should be more open

June 11, 2014 Blair County residents are justified in wondering why county commissioners Chairman Terry Tomassetti was so secretive after a spat involving a Memorial Day email was resolved. more »»

Reflect on taxpayer realities

June 10, 2014 Arguments on both sides of the issue of raises for Altoona Area School District administrative employees were valid, although not all were in the best interests of taxpayers. more »»

New coal policies will cost us

June 9, 2014 Last week’s announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency is coming down hard on existing coal-fired power plants raises literally hundreds of questions. more »»

Altoona must consider water lease option

June 8, 2014 Altoona City Council was right to vote recently in favor of hiring a consultant to negotiate a longterm lease of its water and sewer systems. more »»

Bravery of troops amazing

June 6, 2014 Many Americans probably have never heard of Guadalcanal, the Kasserine Pass, Anzio, the Hurtgen Forest, Peleliu, the Coral Sea, Tarawa or Ploesti. more »»

PlanCon only part of strain

June 5, 2014 The front page of last Sunday’s Mirror reported on the plight of two area school districts seeking to obtain reimbursements under PlanCon, the state’s process for reviewing and compensating for... more »»

Students in USA lag behind

June 4, 2014 Every year, U.S. businesses with job openings for technology specialists resort to hiring thousands of bright young foreigners to fill them. more »»

Backfired prank fails to amuse

June 3, 2014 There are many adjectives to describe last week’s decision by a Northern Cambria High School senior to bring a 6-foot black snake to school in his backpack. more »»

Gov. decision only following laws of state

June 1, 2014 More than a week has passed since U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III’s May 20 ruling prohibiting further enforcement of Pennsylvania’s same-sex marriage ban. With Gov. more »»

Raising suicide awareness

May 29, 2014 A Mirror front-page article of May 5 dealt with the topic of suicide and the pain John and Mary Jo McConnell of Altoona have endured since their 30-year-old son Johnny took his life in 2004. more »»

Staying ahead of weather

May 28, 2014 Altoona’s Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School and the Shade-Central City School District in Somerset County merit notice for actions taken in recent weeks, BG deserving a thumbs-up and Shade, a... more »»

Address Highway Trust Fund

May 27, 2014 No one in Congress wants to take the blame for higher gasoline taxes just weeks before a major election. That probably explains delays in addressing long-term problems with the Highway Trust Fund. more »»

Don’t miss holiday’s significance

May 26, 2014 Memorial Day is regarded by many as the unofficial first day of summer as families break out picnic gear and swimwear, and parks officially open for their annual “march” toward Labor Day. more »»

More support needed for 911

May 25, 2014 Blair County’s 911 Center can’t be the only one in Pennsylvania experiencing a financial crunch due to the state’s failure to keep fees on phone and Internet services in step with the increasing... more »»

Wishing area grads good luck

May 23, 2014 Another year has quickly passed, and we’ve arrived at the beginning of high school graduation season, which begins tonight with Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School’s ceremony to honor its senior... more »»

VA mess should not be covered

May 22, 2014 No wonder so many veterans of military service have lost all faith in promises made by the government they defended. more »»

Mounting suspensions troubling

May 21, 2014 Mirror readers can be excused for experiencing a sense of shock over the numbers contained in Sunday’s front-page article “Thousands in Blair struggle with transportatio. more »»

Practice what you preach, DC

May 20, 2014 Federal regulators demand that the rest of us, including individuals, companies and states, comply with rules intended to safeguard the environment. more »»

Voters: Don’t shirk obligation

May 18, 2014 Looking ahead to Tuesday’s primary elections, area residents should ask what they can do to help ensure a strong voter turnout. So many times in the past, primary turnouts have been abysmal. more »»

Communication can help put stop to bullying

May 18, 2014 The “no bullying” policy within our schools needs to be a force in which changes are being made. more »»

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