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PA Supreme Court should decide SOL

August 23, 2016 Prior to March 1, I had little insight into the legal plight of child sexual abuse victims in Pennsylvania or across the country. more »»

We’re underdogs in reassessment

August 22, 2016 Picture yourself going to a football game to cheer for your favorite team. It’s an away game. more »»

City’s response to flag troubling

August 20, 2016 I applaud Dan Stuckey for being a concerned citizen and putting forth his own personal resources to care for a parcel that is currently the city’s responsibility. more »»

Legislators following Trump are misguided

August 19, 2016 I find it appalling so many of our local elected officials are endorsing Donald Trump for president. more »»

Filtered cigarettes ought to be banned

August 19, 2016 A possible future headline: “PA first to ban sales of filtered cigarettes.” State legislators who introduced bill cited pollution and health concerns. more »»

Don’t dismiss what Shuster(s) have done

August 18, 2016 I’m glad to see Art Halverson back in the race. A competitive race educates the undecided. I have been volunteering since Bud Shuster’s second campaign, doing a variety of tasks. more »»

Past legislators spent too much

August 18, 2016 The property tax proposal is a system that is in revers. more »»

Khan should focus on radical Muslims

August 17, 2016 Khizr Khan telling of their son being killed by an IED while serving this country was very moving. more »»

‘We should wonder who is protecting our laws’

August 17, 2016 I remember the oath I swore at the federal building in Pittsburgh on Aug. 15, 1966. more »»

Playgrounds, recreation shouldn’t be devalued

August 16, 2016 The most important reason that we study history is to remember and not to repeat the mistakes of the past. more »»

License renewal red tape excessive

August 15, 2016 OK, here we are again, another big election coming up and when you go to vote, you do not have to show proof of residency. You have to show I.. more »»

Gesture appreciated

August 15, 2016 Recently I was shopping at Wal-Mart and lost my pocketbook. It was found by an honest, thoughtful and caring person. Words cannot express my gratitude to that person. Thank you very much. more »»

Reassessment’s yellow brick road

August 13, 2016 If anyone out there remembers the 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz,” there are similarities between it and Blair County’s road to reassessment. more »»

Obama has led US down the wrong road

August 12, 2016 We can’t afford another Democrat in the White House. 1. The U.S. is almost $20 trillion in debt — $10 trillion by the Obama administration. 2. Our economy is weak. more »»

Shuster’s description of Halvorson unfair

August 12, 2016 I thought Congressman Bill Shuster couldn’t possibly be any more repugnant. But Shuster’s campaign responded to Art Halvorson’s decision to accept the Democratic nomination as being “selfish. more »»

Reassessment fallout no shock

August 11, 2016 My letter of June 10 advised what would happen when many people received their new property tax values, and it has. more »»

Halvorson camp didn’t solicit Dems

August 11, 2016 Regarding the claims in Ryan Brown’s Political Notebook on Sunday by Ron Fairman that the Halvorson campaign actively solicited votes from Democrats in the April primary, I’d like to set the record... more »»

Criticism of Obama leaves out some facts

August 10, 2016 In an Aug. 1 letter, Terry Barley calls Barack Obama’s agenda a disaster and says Obama has this country on its knees. more »»

Halvorson thinking only of himself

August 10, 2016 Although it’s been several days since Art Halvorson’s decision to turn his back on the Republican Party and offer himself up as a Democrat, I am still having difficulty in determining why he decided... more »»

AASD has caused its own problems

August 8, 2016 I read the recent article on the placing of modulars at Ebner Elementary School. The article makes it sound like they will be starting work on the preparation of the site. more »»

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