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Everyone should pay SS at same rate

January 17, 2015 U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster and the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, on their first day back from a long vacation, voted in a new rule. more »»

State’s motorists are being ‘fleeced’

January 17, 2015 We can thank our legislators for discovering an additional method for the fleecing of the commonwealth’s motorists. more »»

Obama’s uphill climb was just too steep

January 16, 2015 When President Barack Obama was talking about the $1. more »»

Obama has bettered his life, not ours

January 15, 2015 Recently it was on the news that a military couple had made plans to be married in Hawaii. more »»

State needs new AG

January 15, 2015 What do you know? Another corrupt politician has been found to be walking around in Harrisburg. This time it is Attorney General Kathleen Kane. more »»

Hold bumps on gas, diesel taxes accountable

January 14, 2015 For years now, Pennsylvania has had the worst bridges and highways in the U.S. When it comes to those two things, we have been the laughingstock of this country. more »»

Be sure to protect pets from the cold

January 14, 2015 So far this winter, in this part of Pennsylvania, we have had cold weather, freezing rain, ice and are headed for near-zero temperatures. more »»

Corbett generous with state money

January 13, 2015 It was announced in December that the outgoing governor, Tom Corbett, is giving non-essential state government workers some extra time off — an early quit on Christmas Eve and all day on the Friday... more »»

Defining a hero

January 12, 2015 A “hero” is someone willing to give up their own life in order to save others. more »»

Believe in miracles

January 12, 2015 After suffering a stroke in May, I thought my Christmas tree selling days were over, but miracles happen when we least expect. more »»

Care for your vehicle properly in the winter

January 10, 2015 When it comes to winter car care, many motorists think of antifreeze and batteries, but vehicles need extra attention when temperatures drop below zero. more »»

Statistics misleading on Right-to-Work states

January 8, 2015 Lois Kaneshiki’s assertion that the standard of living in Right-to-Work states is higher than states that allow workers the freedom to organize does not hold up. more »»

Christmas spirit evident through volunteerism

January 8, 2015 Too many people believe the Christmas spirit is diminishing, but I don’t believe that, especially after what I was lucky to be part of this holiday season. more »»

Push gov’t to help fight for endangered species

January 7, 2015 Conservation and biodiversity are topics that concern not only the scientists and scholars of the world, but should also concern everyday citizen. more »»

Double standard for stealing information

January 3, 2015 As distasteful as this is, in this one instance, Sony, I have to sympathize with a brutal murdering dictatorship in North Kore. more »»

Cut consumption of animal products

January 3, 2015 It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, particularly those about our health. Although gun violence remains a leading cause of death among young people, our most dangerous weapon is still our fork. more »»

Recognize school board members

January 2, 2015 Have you thanked a school board member lately? January is School Director Recognition Month, a recognition that honors members of local boards of education for their commitment to provide quality... more »»

McGinnis fighting ‘for the common man’

January 1, 2015 I strongly disagree with the Mirror’s opinion that state Rep. John McGinnis is working against the interest of his constituent. more »»

Frustration over taxes, free programming

December 31, 2014 There should not be property taxes for residential homes, but this will never happen because when money is needed, this is where the politicians look first, including the ones running the city of... more »»

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