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Upset writer misdirected his wrath, owes apology

August 2, 2016 I am writing in reference to a letter by Richard L. Boston of Claysburg, published June 27. more »»

Don’t underestimate Obama’s track record

August 2, 2016 This is in response to Lenny Metz’s letters of June 1 and July 29. more »»

Medical marijuana law doesn’t go far enough

August 1, 2016 The recently passed medical marijuana and hemp bills do not go far enough to protect patients and promote the industry. Only cannabis oil, tinctures and liquids will be sold in dispensaries. more »»

Whatever you do, don’t vote for Clinton

August 1, 2016 Donald Trump, on the one hand, has good ideas of closing our borders and deporting illegal immigrants. more »»

Secrecy surrounding accident troubling

July 30, 2016 In the July 21 edition of the Mirror, Cambria County Police Chief Gary Makosy stated that the crash that killed Jean Sommer and her mother, Donna Daley, is a “unique situation. more »»

Sadly, irresponsibility has led youth astray

July 30, 2016 The recent examples of vandalism, the cat in Hollidaysburg and the graffiti on the WWII monument, are examples of youth gone astray because of poor parenting, lack of moral sense and total... more »»

Blame speech writer, not Trump’s wife

July 29, 2016 Why is it that all we hear about since Melania Trump’s speech is how she copied from Michelle Obama? The speech writer was at fault, not Mrs. Trump, who would not have known what Mrs. more »»

Pokemon game puts children at risk

July 29, 2016 I thought for a long time that our young people were going over the edge and this stupid Pokemon game they are playing convinces me they are more stupid than ever. more »»

Respecting police

July 29, 2016 To anyone who calls a police officer a pig: Do you know what pig stands for? Pride, integrity, guts. God bless all of the men and women who protect us. Terry Wilkes Sr. more »»

Show your support for those in blue

July 28, 2016 I am writing this letter concerning the recent attacks on the police officers. more »»

FBI needs more honest probe of Clinton

July 28, 2016 I think Hillary Clinton promised to pay FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch a great deal of money not to indict her. We need more honest FBI people to investigate he. more »»

Hillary’s crimes were well organized, too

July 28, 2016 The FBI said that Lucky Luciano is who organized “organized crime.” The FBI told us many things about Leona Helmsley, John Gotti and Bernie Madof. more »»

Hollidaysburg needs study on its trash

July 27, 2016 I attended the Hollidaysburg Borough Council meeting on July 14 to hear the discussion about the possibility of the borough making the change to a single hauler recycling program. more »»

‘Neutral’ meeting space needed for discussion

July 26, 2016 Community matters and matters of community are important topics. more »»

Cosby doesn’t deserve birthday recognition

July 26, 2016 I just can’t come to grips with the Mirror’s picture of Bill Cosby in the July 12 Mirror commemorating his birthday. You owe an apology to every woman in the U.S. more »»

We’re lowering flag for wrong reasons

July 26, 2016 Having just seen President Barack Obama’s proclamation to fly U.. more »»

RNC message: Be very afraid

July 26, 2016 My first up-close glimpse into the enduring power of political fearmongering came through a two-way mirror in 2006. more »»

Coverage slanted

July 24, 2016 My wife and I were watching the CBS news the other day. The anchor presented the story about the shooting of Alton Sterling. The visuals were horrible. The death of another human is always horrible. more »»

Safely share road

July 23, 2016 Sweeping generalizations made by the uninformed are seldom accurate. An example of such statements may be found in the recent letter to the editor submitted by Michael G. Brown of Altoona. more »»

Remember good priests

July 21, 2016 We have all been scandalized by the bad priests in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. more »»

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