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Comments sexist

July 28, 2014 With regard to the letter to the editor from John K. Coyle, I would like to know if he has an M.D. more »»

Old neighborhoods are deteriorating

July 26, 2014 Older people remember how old neighborhoods were great places to live. Many are now to the point that they are disgusting eyesores. more »»

Stop Israel’s assaults

July 25, 2014 The ongoing assault by Israel against the long-besieged Gaza Strip has led to the death of more than 800 Palestinians, most of whom were civilians, women and children included, already bearing the... more »»

Enforce speed limit

July 25, 2014 Tony Febbo’s letter to editor (July 5) is one of the big things that is wrong with this area. Everyone thinks that they should only obey the laws that they like. more »»

Candidates should sign People’s Pledge

July 24, 2014 It’s only July, and negative campaign ads have already begun in the PA gubernatorial race. Since the U.. more »»

Outlaw abortion to save unborn babies

July 24, 2014 I have noticed that people have different opinions on abortion. And even teenagers talk about and have different opinions. more »»

Help protect children, pets in hot cars

July 23, 2014 If you watch the national news, you are aware of the tragic “Hot Car Death” case going on in Marietta, Ga. A father left his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in the hot car for seven hour. more »»

Enforce speed limits no matter town’s size

July 22, 2014 In the July 5 Altoona Mirror, Tony Febbo of Altoona expressed opposition to the use of radar speed detection in “every little speed trap township,” and he cited Duncansville Borough as an exampl. more »»

Shift taking place

July 22, 2014 The technological advancements in renewable energy has made solar and wind power more efficient and cheaper than ever imagined. more »»

Don’t sell teachers short

July 19, 2014 I am writing this in response to the letter written by David Gallagher in the July 11 edition of the Mirror. more »»

Shuster should release aviation safety bill

July 18, 2014 In 2013, HB 1775, also known as the Saracini Aviation Safety Act of 2013, was introduced into the House of Representatives and sent to committe. more »»

Hollidaysburg residents deserve more answers

July 17, 2014 Having been a resident of Hollidaysburg for 68 years, it is a special place to me as are the people who take care of our fine borough. more »»

Ongoing war putting too much stress on VA

July 16, 2014 Up until the Bush-Obama years of Middle East conflicts, and with many more to come, the VA only had to deal with the few World War II vets still alive, as well as a small number of Korean vet. more »»

Troubling trend

July 16, 2014 I see more and more stories about animals getting abused and neglected every day. I bet that when you scroll down any social media site, you would see a picture or a video of an animal getting abused. more »»

Headline not supreme

July 16, 2014 Your July 1 front-page headline read “Supreme Court sides with religion.” It should have read: “Supreme Court sides with freedom,” in my humble opinion. more »»

Liberals are getting what they voted for

July 15, 2014 This is in response to Joe Hill’s letter (June 26) about divisions within our country. Yes, I agree. more »»

Future brightening for CTE programs

July 14, 2014 Conventional wisdom states that the attainment of a college degree is a necessary step in a path to a successful and fulfilling career. more »»

Maintain police numbers

July 13, 2014 The Pennsylvania State Police are responsible for the primary law enforcement duties for more than 85 percent of the commonwealt. more »»

Don’t text and drive

July 13, 2014 Is it worth it to put your life in danger just to respond to one text message? Texting and driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents and deaths in the United States. more »»

Perspective needed on reassessment

July 12, 2014 The last Blair County tax assessment was completed in 1958. Blair County Commissioners Tomassetti and Beam were old enough to be in first grade and Commissioner Meling probably wasn’t born yet. more »»

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