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McGinnis’ priority are his constituents

March 17, 2016 I met John McGinnis at a couple of his campaign events in 2012. I never listened to politicians in the past because I believed most of them to be dishonest and power-hungry elitists. more »»

McGinnis can fight out-of-control spending

March 17, 2016 Gov. Tom Wolf is out of control. He’s vetoed funding for social services and corrections, all so he can get more taxpayer money to his base supporters in the public sector unions. more »»

Vote for Shuster, not an outsider

March 17, 2016 Several days ago, a person knocked on my door soliciting my vote for him to be congressman. more »»

Convenient amnesia

March 17, 2016 This a reply to the March 1 letter “Hypocritical GOP wants only its choice.” I guess the writer forgets when President George W. Bush was in office the Democrats did the same thing. more »»

Legislators must start working for the people

March 16, 2016 Legislators must start working for the people I am more than fed up with the inability of the Pennsylvania state legislature to get anything done. more »»

Sestak has background to solve problems

March 16, 2016 As Democrats in Pa., we have some very good candidates to choose to represent our state in Washington. I urge you to pick Joe Sestak, retired vice admiral, as the best choic. more »»

Feeling of gratitude helps ease the pain

March 16, 2016 On Sunday evening, Feb. 21, I fell on the sidewalk beside Union Avenue. Several people immediately came to my rescue: 1. A lady who used her cellphone to contact my family. 2. more »»

‘We need McGinnis in Harrisburg’

March 16, 2016 As a school retiree, I take great comfort in being represented by John McGinnis in the 79th Distric. more »»

Man’s patriotism shines in Hollidaysburg

March 15, 2016 The spirit of giving and volunteering is alive and well in Hollidaysburg. The pavilion at “Patriot Park” is decorated in lights to commemorate special times or season. more »»

McGinnis tenure living up to his word

March 15, 2016 I am writing in support of John McGinnis for state representative. more »»

As election approaches, many questions loom

March 14, 2016 I am disheartened to read editorials in newspapers and posts on Facebook that call conservatives heartless. more »»

Blinded by the light

March 12, 2016 This Republican Congress would veto Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi or Jesus Christ if they’d come back for President Barack Obama to appoint any one of them to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. more »»

Kindness appreciated

March 12, 2016 I would like to thank the young man who took the time to attend to my need at the Wendy’s restaurant in the Cricket Field Plaza. more »»

GOP, not Trump, is root of problem

March 12, 2016 I am a registered Republican and support Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president. more »»

Sadly, church scandal is not something new

March 12, 2016 People are aghast that priests in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese have been molesting children for 50 years. more »»

Parties beware: Trip Sanders, Trump at peril

March 12, 2016 So much for the party elites. So much for the super PACs. So much for the pollsters. So much for (many in) the media. more »»

Libertarians need to be realistic

March 12, 2016 In this year’s Republican presidential primaries, Sen. Rand Paul got little traction. In 2012, his father failed. That year, the Libertarian Party candidate, former New Mexico Gov. more »»

Letters to the editor

March 11, 2016 Like Sandusky case, storyline ‘sickening’ It’s taken me two weeks to write this short letter, and it has been gut wrenching to say the least. more »»

Accelerate bill

March 10, 2016 I am writing to request support for Pa. House Bill No. 1041, an act providing legal protections from abusive work environments and for remedies. more »»

Trust in Halvorson too much of a risk

March 10, 2016 Rep. Bill Shuster has earned my respect because he takes action, instead of giving lip service to important issues. more »»

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