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No fighting sun rising on solar panels

March 27, 2015 On the average sunny day, Germany’s huge energy grid gets 40 percent of its power from the sun. Guess what happened one recent morning when the sun went into eclipse. Nothing. Or close to nothing. more »»

Petraeus puts icing on Bibi’s cake

March 27, 2015 Don’t just rely on Benjamin Netanyahu’s passionate advice to Congress on his way to reelection that Iran is our archenemy. more »»

Diplomatic revolution facing Obama

March 26, 2015 The socialist government in France usually doesn’t have much in common with congressional Republicans, for whom both France and socialism tend to be anathema. more »»

Forbidden ‘diversity’ at NY Times

March 26, 2015 Sound the trumpets. The New York Times announced on March 18 that it is bringing in 20 new online-focused writers as contributors for its op-ed and Sunday Review sections. more »»

What’s gone wrong with democracy?

March 25, 2015 The Economist magazine recently published “What’s gone wrong with Democracy ... more »»

Laughter still good medicine

March 25, 2015 “There are three things which are real,” said John F. Kennedy, “God, human folly and laughter. The first two are beyond our comprehension, so we must do what we can with the third. more »»

Done waiting, families seek gov’t action

March 20, 2015 The (Hanover) Evening Sun Bill Adolph is not exactly doing backflips over new Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget and tax plan. That could be a problem for the governor. more »»

This is war of Obama’s own making

March 20, 2015 The White House and some Democrats are livid over congressional Republican attempts to circumvent President Obama’s authority to make a nuclear arms deal with Iran. more »»

King Dollar naysayer nonsense

March 20, 2015 Despite the conventional criticisms of the financial commentariat, both theory and evidence argue for a strong, stable and reliable currency as a crucial channel to prosperity. more »»

Scotch-Irish are invisible Irish

March 17, 2015 Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the invisible Irish, the Scotch-Irish. more »»

Court won’t decide fate of Obamacare

March 17, 2015 There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether the Supreme Court will save or destroy the president’s health care law, known to many as Obamacare. more »»

Charter schools provide option

March 14, 2015 Over the last several years, I have witnessed first-hand the contentious debate regarding charter schools across Pennsylvania. more »»

Obamacare: angry with, angry without

March 12, 2015 Obamacare supporters are praying that the Supreme Court won’t chop down a main pillar of the Affordable Care Act — but not so fervently, one suspects, as the politicians who’ve been demanding the... more »»

Blacks need to follow peer success

March 12, 2015 I liked the movie “Selma,” though it could have done without the rap song during credits that referenced “hands up, don’t shoot,” a slogan that emerged from the shooting of Michael Brown by a... more »»

Debate on climate has it all wrong

March 11, 2015 “But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact,” said President Barack Obama in his 2014 State of the Union address. more »»

In grief, Rice’s mother stands alone

March 11, 2015 Even when Samaria Rice is surrounded by others, as she was at last week’s news conference, she still seems so alone. more »»

Since when do rules not apply?

March 10, 2015 Could the leaders in Washington please tell us which rules we are allowed to not follow? Please? This is getting confusing for the average America. more »»

Lower fares no substitute for wages

March 10, 2015 The idea of helping low-income people by subsidizing their fares on public transportation sounds noble. It truly does. more »»

Hillary cover-up clouds democracy

March 8, 2015 On Monday, The New York Times reported that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton never — not once — used her official State Department email address for her official communication. more »»

Now what else do you have?

March 7, 2015 State Rep. more »»

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