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Modern media, sadly, has made our presidents celebrities

August 9, 2015 Last month, President Obama visited the set of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” for the third, and presumably final, time. Obama has set records for the most late-night talk show appearances. more »»

Lies about guns keep on coming

August 7, 2015 My town, New York City, enforces rigid gun laws. Police refused to assign me a gun permit. The law doesn’t even let me hold a fake gun on TV to demonstrate somethin. more »»

Another British invasion

August 7, 2015 When music fans think of “the British Invasion” they are referring to ‘60s bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Britain today, however, faces a different type of invasion. more »»

Keep Sunday hunting ban

August 4, 2015 Supporters of lifting Pennsylvania’s ban on most hunting on Sundays failed last year to overturn it in court. more »»

Uber exposes politicians as middlemen

August 4, 2015 Politicians are often accused of pandering and rarely wage public fights against things that are popular with their voters. more »»

Pa. leaders can’t be fooled twice

August 4, 2015 The Supreme Court’s ruling against the Environmental Protection Agency’s mercury regulation serves as a cautionary tale to Gov. more »»

Government can’t argue trust

July 31, 2015 Government is untrustworthy. more »»

For nation’s future, reform of prisons must be addressed

July 30, 2015 If you have seen the movie The Shawshank Redemption, you may remember that line from the scene in which the character played by Tim Robbins is about to become the victim of a brutal prison assault. more »»

Surveillance in the office: Are you target?

July 30, 2015 Is your boss spying on you? There’s a good chance. These days employers are monitoring their workers in all sorts of ways you might never have thought about. more »»

Planet Kepler-452b is out there

July 30, 2015 NASA has discovered the answer to all of our problems. It is another planet, a possible twin to Earth that could theoretically sustain life. more »»

Pennsylvania shift to 70 mph has been smooth

July 28, 2015 The data are still being sifted and analyzed, but Pennsylvania’s one-year experiment with a higher speed limit on rural stretches of interstates and the Pennsylvania Turnpike points to one... more »»

Obama fails to bridge partisan gap

July 28, 2015 Surely this wasn’t what Barack Obama had in mind. more »»

Rioters plaguing Denver

July 28, 2015 “All cops are bastards!” “(Screw) cops!” “This is what white supremacy looks like!” On a tranquil Sunday afternoon in Denver, hate-mongering zealots hijacked a rally held by citizens and families... more »»

Clinton wages war on Uber

July 27, 2015 Hillary Clinton gave a speech warning that the new “sharing economy” of businesses such as the rideshare company Uber is “raising hard questions about workplace protections. more »»

Let’s not help the terrorists

July 27, 2015 After five American soldiers were murdered in Chattanooga, Tenn., by a deranged Muslim gunman, the nation reacted with anger, shock and fear. more »»

‘Dangerous master, unruly servant’

July 22, 2015 “Government, like fire, is an unruly servant and a dangerous master. more »»

Jeb, vassals lose sight of the serfs

July 21, 2015 “In the feudal system,” The Oxford English Dictionary says, a vassal is “one holding lands from a superior on conditions of homage and allegiance. more »»

Health care hikes crony capitalism

July 21, 2015 What’s behind the huge premium increases on the Obamacare exchanges? Supporters and opponents offer wildly different explanations and theories. more »»

Massive tax increases not good for PA

July 12, 2015 The 2015-16 fiscal year is underway, and with no state spending plan in place, it seems as if we are reverting back to the old days of budget impasses and standoffs. more »»

Bragging is winning in today’s Twitter world

July 12, 2015 “So, Mom, did you tweet that you were going on ‘Meet the Press’?” No. “Did you tweet that you were going on ‘Hardball’?” No. more »»

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