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Sentencing is time to send dealers message

March 13, 2016 Let’s call it what it is. Anyone who deals heroin is likely participating in a homicide. The evidence of that is on our obituary page on an all-too-regular basis. more »»

Appellate judges in Pennsylvania should be appointed

March 12, 2016 Let’s be frank: When some of the most politically attuned voted for candidates to sit on the state’s Superior, Supreme and Commonwealth courts in recent elections, they frequently have not had a clu... more »»

Dress codes and dignity of females

March 11, 2016 How many among us recognize the name of Yolande Betbeze Fox, the Alabama beauty who died recently at the age of 87? Fox blazed quite a trail through American culture when, as Miss America of 1951,... more »»

No solutions to ‘white poverty’

March 11, 2016 In his continuing effort to pit races and classes against each other, Democratic presidential candidate and socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt. more »»

It’s past time to take back power of vote

March 11, 2016 Every decade, using updated U.S. Census information, states redraw their legislative and congressional districts. more »»

Revised Goldwater ad a given

March 8, 2016 Panic has become the uninvited visitor to every meeting of elected Republican officeholders. more »»

Trump close to pulling off huge con

March 8, 2016 Democrats, Republicans have used power to enrich themselves The United States has hit a pivotal moment. more »»

What is the fair share of taxes?

March 3, 2016 Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Sen. more »»

Trump will bring flavor of Europe

March 3, 2016 Donald Trump will never be mistaken for a cosmopolitan, but he will bring a distinctively European flavor to the 2016 presidential election, should he win the Republican nomination. more »»

Court action on climate plan a speed bump

March 2, 2016 Lost amid the unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the immediately ensuing political battle over whether President Barack Obama should nominate a successor (he should) has... more »»

Growth rate of two percent doesn’t cut it

March 2, 2016 The good news is that the economy is growing at 2 percent, and that there’s no recession in sight (barring a complete collapse of profits). The bad news is that the economy is growing at 2 percent. more »»

Politics heading down the sewer

March 2, 2016 I was going to write about how the Republican presidential campaign has become gutter politics, but given Donald Trump’s horrid statements, the gutter would be a step up, because things have... more »»

Second chance for ex-cons

February 29, 2016 A local bank and community college are showing real leadership through a program for assisting ex-cons. more »»

Journalists created a monster

February 29, 2016 Let us review. Donald Trump on former prisoner of war John McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured. more »»

Paranoid political hype doesn’t help

February 29, 2016 Amid all the media analyses of the prospects of each of the candidates in both political parties, there is remarkably little discussion of the validity — or lack of validity — of the arguments these... more »»

Protect tools that protect kids

February 29, 2016 To protect children from abuse, Pennsylvania needs a state-of-the-art, well-stocked toolbox. more »»

Obama breaks law to enrich insurers

February 27, 2016 The Obama administration will tell any lie and break any law to prevent the president’s signature health program from collapsing. more »»

Obama’s unending Valentine

February 27, 2016 President Barack Obama may be a lame duck, but the press never tires of celebrating him as the first black president. more »»

Our foreign problems go beyond Iraq

February 23, 2016 We get it already. The Iraq war was a mistake. Indeed, on this point pretty much everyone agrees. Jeb Bush, the brother of the president who launched the war, has said so. more »»

Some real presidential instability

February 23, 2016 Here’s a little something to keep in mind while listening to all the presidential candidates make promises about the economy. more »»

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