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End of summer means now I can warm up in my own home

September 25, 2016 Fall officially arrived last week, which means I am legally allowed to remove the air conditioners from the windows in my home, which is something I wanted to do a couple of months ag. more »»

Franco house remains festive five months later

May 23, 2016 If I tell you that as of today — May 22 — my Christmas lights are still up around my house, will you judge me? Consider me judged, then, because they ar. more »»

’Til death does him no part

March 30, 2016 Somebody wants me dead. I know that sounds harsh, but we are talking about me. I have a tendency to overstate things in my monthly column just a bit. more »»

Good deed doesn't go unpunished

February 21, 2016 How many times in life have you found yourself doing a good deed, only to have it go bad in the end? It seems to happen to me quite often, and obviously, because I have no shame, I have no problem... more »»

Giving my sons the ‘Axe’ getting tough to handle

January 24, 2016 The sights and sounds of the holiday season are over, but in my house, the aroma still lingers, and it lingers on and all over my two sons, Dominic and Vincen. more »»

Tradition of losing

December 22, 2015 Growing up, Christmas meant a lot of things to me because of my family. It still does. more »»

Young lady's help makes me feel old

November 22, 2015 I am old. I mean, I know I’m old. I’m 50, and I have waxed nostalgic in this column about turning the big 5-0 plenty. more »»

Spelling tests dad's patience

October 27, 2015 Words. I get paid to read them and put them on a page, and in this case, I get to form them into sentences to make you laugh. more »»

Real stupidity is never learning a valuable lesson

September 27, 2015 I find myself much more reflective now that I’ve been 50 for these — what — past 3¢ months, which can be quite a dangerous thing when you have my mind and a monthly column. more »»

The worries never end

August 23, 2015 With my 12-year anniversary at the Mirror just days away, I can’t help but feel ... religious. more »»

Hall of Fame induction almost like bowl of cherries

July 31, 2015 As of this moment, you are reading a column by a Hall of Famer. more »»

An apetite for surprise

June 28, 2015 At the age of 50, and having just celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary earlier this month, I can say this without any regret: I am borin. more »»

Thought of being outside unbearable

June 13, 2015 Even though we’re still in May, I have been outside way more than I would ever desire to be in my lifetime because of the nice weather. more »»

Covert operations at the Francos

April 26, 2015 With my twin boys turning 12 in just weeks, they have approached an age where my wife, Ann Marie, and I will start to question them about certain thing. more »»

Son spares mom from Lenten trouble

March 21, 2015 My mother says that she always enjoys when I come to visit because I make her laugh. But I would like to think that she returns the favor, too, and without even knowing it sometimes. more »»

Selling hoagies a dangerous job

February 24, 2015 There are very few times when this column comes off as an advice piece, but this time, it will ä Do not help your kids when it comes to a hoagie sale! OK, technically, I am not against hoagies (and... more »»

I'm lone wolf in house that admires animals

January 25, 2015 I will never be mistaken for St. Francis of Assisi when it comes to animals, but I must also point out that no one from the humane society will ever confuse me with Michael Vick, either. more »»

Mom provides holiday gift at right time

January 5, 2015 Because it is the season, I wanted to tell all of you about the gift my mother got me for Christmas. But it wasn’t something that was wrapped and put in front of a tree. more »»

Wife anything but fanatical over obsession with sports

November 23, 2014 At some point this Thursday, most of us will be saying what we are thankful for this time of the year, and yours truly is no differen. more »»

Television viewing parties can turn into family battle

October 26, 2014 Television viewing at my house is always an adventure, especially for those who have been there from the beginning, mainly my two daughters, Maggie and Julianna. more »»

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