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Son spares mom from Lenten trouble

March 21, 2015 My mother says that she always enjoys when I come to visit because I make her laugh. But I would like to think that she returns the favor, too, and without even knowing it sometimes. more »»

Selling hoagies a dangerous job

February 24, 2015 There are very few times when this column comes off as an advice piece, but this time, it will ä Do not help your kids when it comes to a hoagie sale! OK, technically, I am not against hoagies (and... more »»

I'm lone wolf in house that admires animals

January 25, 2015 I will never be mistaken for St. Francis of Assisi when it comes to animals, but I must also point out that no one from the humane society will ever confuse me with Michael Vick, either. more »»

Mom provides holiday gift at right time

January 5, 2015 Because it is the season, I wanted to tell all of you about the gift my mother got me for Christmas. But it wasn’t something that was wrapped and put in front of a tree. more »»

Wife anything but fanatical over obsession with sports

November 23, 2014 At some point this Thursday, most of us will be saying what we are thankful for this time of the year, and yours truly is no differen. more »»

Television viewing parties can turn into family battle

October 26, 2014 Television viewing at my house is always an adventure, especially for those who have been there from the beginning, mainly my two daughters, Maggie and Julianna. more »»

Close the windows, he’s disciplining kids his way

September 28, 2014 A wonderful lady whom I worked with for 15 years in Lewistown once gave me a terrific piece of advice: If you keep your ears open and just listen sometimes, you’d be amazed at what you can learn. more »»

Love of music, singing never ages as I get older

August 24, 2014 Even though I am pushing 50, there is still a part of me that refuses to grow up. more »»

Confession differs between 2 faiths

July 26, 2014 There are three things that I’ve been told over time that can guarantee the start of a good argument: sex, politics or religion. Let’s go to church on this one. more »»

The son also rises, and talks quite a lot, too!

June 29, 2014 Coaching a 10-year-old in any sport can be challenging. more »»

Still working toward a proper introduction

May 24, 2014 I really need to learn how to say hello. Or another way to start this off is by saying that I’ve got to stop putting myself in really awkward situations. more »»

Being funny can be a hard job

April 27, 2014 Everyone is here for a reason, and I will argue until the day I die that my No. 1 purpose in life has been, and will always be, to make people laugh. more »»

Mom spells love like f-o-o-d

March 23, 2014 As we get older, we find ourselves sometimes doing things for our parents mostly because it’s the right thing to d. more »»

Plan put in place to influence daughter's college choice

February 23, 2014 Even though my wife has a Masters Degree in education, she should have one in psychology. And I don’t mean that because she figured out how to survive 20-plus years with me. more »»

Watch your kids when it comes to holiday parties

October 27, 2013 With the holidays just around the corner, I imagine that many of you will be throwing or attending a festive party over the next couple of months. more »»

Son's heart heals pain

September 22, 2013 Doesn’t every family have that one aunt, uncle or grandparent who worries all the time about everyone’s health? Maybe it’s just an Italian thing, but I’m talking about that one person who constantl... more »»

Grandparents’ language barrier adds excitement to growing up

August 25, 2013 Because of a unique arrangement in my life, my children have the benefit of five grandparents, and it’s six really, if you count my mom’s boyfriend. more »»

Bad date leads to happy anniversary

June 22, 2013 With my 19th wedding anniversary taking place this month, I thought this would be a great time to produce my first-ever interactive monthly column. In other words, I want to know what you think. more »»

Mother shows off her connection with God

May 25, 2013 With Mother’s Day taking place earlier this month, I imagine everybody has a great mom story to tell, and I am no different — other than the fact that I get to tell it to thousands of readers in a... more »»

The facts of life can be tough on dads

April 28, 2013 How’s this for a lunch-time conversation with your kid — one of my 9-year-old sons asked me a question about the birds and the bees, and I got through the topic without having passed out on the... more »»

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