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Truly, a moment to remember

March 5, 2011 The great American spirit was on hand at the Hollidaysburg Area Junior High School when Westmont and Tyrone squared off in a District 6,Class AA boys basketball game on Tuesday, Feb. 2. more »»

Respect is learned behavior

February 27, 2011 Teaching children respect comes from showing them respect and being supported by the community. more »»

Let's move on from Big Ben saga

February 12, 2011 This is in response to a recent letter from Francis Crnarich of Homer City. I not sure what he wants Ben Roethlisberger to do so show remorse. He did his tim. more »»

Roethlisberger deserving of support

February 5, 2011 Disbelief, anger, passion, redemption are all words that can describe the 2010-2011 Pittsburgh Steelers football season and, more importantly, the season for quarterback Ben Roethlisberge. more »»

PSU should give JoePa a desk job

January 23, 2011 As much as I’ve been a fan of Joe Paterno through the years, I think things have reached the point where he is sort of tarnishing his image and legacy or whatever you want to call it by his stubborn... more »»

Bolden Sr. reminds of Newton

January 15, 2011 I agree with Neil Rudel on the Rob Bolden situation. I think a release would also enable Bolden Sr. to shop his son around for the right price like Cam Newton’s father. more »»

Let PSU wrestle at Jordan Center

January 2, 2011 I’m writing this letter to express my displeasure with the Penn State Athletic Departmen. more »»

Penn State basketball is sold short

December 26, 2010 In relation to Byron Lasser’s article in the Dec. 19 Mailbag, on Feb. more »»

Is JoePa trying to set it up for Jay?

December 18, 2010 I’m wondering if Joe Paterno’s unwillingness to let go of his stranglehold on the PSU football program is directly connected to him trying to secure a job for Jay. more »»

Penn State needs to think big

December 12, 2010 Whenever it occurs, the PSU selection committee must choose a successor to Joe Paterno who is one of a kind. A top name to pursue would be Brian Schottenheimer. more »»

Dear B-A: Don’t lose perspective

December 5, 2010 I am writing this as a voice of reason from the Bellwood community. I am a huge Bellwood supporter. I have a son who plays on the varsity football team. more »»

Bellwood can hold its head high

November 28, 2010 Ever since my son played football for Bellwood-Antis in 2004, I have been a faithful fan looking forward each year to watching the Blue Devils defeat their opponents each week and usually ending wit... more »»

Bellwood fans upset

November 21, 2010 As defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary, the word incompetent means: “Without adequate ability, knowledge, fitness, incapable, unskilled. more »»

Rename field in JoePa's honor

November 14, 2010 Watching the celebration of Joe Paterno’s 400th win Saturday, the only negative thing I saw way down here in Texas was the school president, Graham Spanier, trying to cozy up to Joe and Sue Paterno... more »»

NFL painting a gray picture

October 24, 2010 What do Jack Lambert, Ronnie Lott, Jack Tatum and Dick Butkus have in common? Well they are Hall of Famers, NFL legends, defensive greats and now players who would not survive in today’s NFL. more »»

Playcalling root of Lions’ troubles

October 17, 2010 Penn State’s problem all centers around the playcalling. The playcalling is predictable and weak for the number of athletes we have on this team. more »»

PSU ‘chaos’ leaves fans grumbling

October 10, 2010 I tuned into the end of the first quarter of the Penn State-Iowa game last Saturday. My wife told me there was bad news. Of course, I knew what she was saying — that the Nittany Lions were losin. more »»

Feeling pride of Curve’s first championship

October 3, 2010 Altoona Curve: 2010 Eastern League champions! Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? For about 4,000 diehard fans of the Curve Nation, it does. more »»

Lions took defeatist attitude to Alabama

September 26, 2010 You may be tired of talking about the Alabama game, but please humor me. There are two schools of thought for facing the situation that Penn State had in the Alabama game. . more »»

Big Ten realignment puts PSU in right spot

September 19, 2010 Cory Giger recently wrote an article voicing his concerns about the new Big Ten divisional alignments. more »»

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