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State politics

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Jeb Bush talks about his foreign bride

Posts: 0 - On Tuesday presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke about the first meeting between himself and his future foreign bride, Columba. " It was love at first sight.

2098 days ago.
by preetkamalverma

Posts: 0 - <a href="***********casualdate****.au" rel="dofollow">affairs</a>

2163 days ago.
by zhangquanhua
Budget games

Posts: 0 - Great, the state legislature breaks the rules to pass a budget by the deadline and not-so-fast Eddie Rendell now is refusing to sign it until the other pieces of legislation he wants gets passe.

2181 days ago.
by salenakutro

Posts: 0 - thanks ------------------- <a href="***********" rel="dofollow">Law</a>