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1294 days ago.
by nospinhere
Funny how the altoona mirror ended the readers comments section after the election

Posts: 3 - So there I am doing my morning ritual of reading the Altoona Mirror online and awaiting the morning rush of idiot postings about all the stories, then election day hit and things didn't go very wel...

1335 days ago.
by nospinhere
What's the solution to gun violence in the U.S.

Posts: 12 - Well? What is the solution? Or is there none, and we're just becoming a wild wild west frontier country, and no one is safe anywher.

"Altoona raising public ire"

Posts: 0 - This piece raises many questions about the way our school district is run.

1369 days ago.
by nospinhere
Mayor Limits Size of Soda Cups

Posts: 0 - Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is limiting the size of soft drink cups to 16 ounces in an effort to curb obesity. He was criticized by many but he deserves credit for his good intentions.

1382 days ago.
by nospinhere
Conn. Shootings

Posts: 0 - Unbelievable!!!!! What kind of monsters are we creating as parents? I just don't have any words................... DM


Posts: 0 - Tatoos were once the province of motorcycle gangs and sailors. Now they have entered the mainstream of America and among young people are more often the norm than not.

1568 days ago.
by 85counts
Murderer appears in court in diaper - over mouth

Posts: 0 - A man convicted of murder in Elyria, Ohio, was brought into court with a diaper over his mouth and mosquito netting over his head after he spit on the jury and cursed at them. What a potty mouth.

2077 days ago.
by WhoseReality
Blair Medical Center Changed Policy on Perscriptions

Posts: 0 - Friday I realized I would be out of my medication over the weekend so I called up my pharmacy to call it in to my Dr's office at Blair Medical since I had no refills left.