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National politics

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comparing the king holiday to hunting?

Posts: 0 - Did I really see an editorial today in the Mirror comparing the King holiday to the first day of hunting season? I guess we all have the freedom to demonstrate our ignorance...

977 days ago.
by pingopigg
Will republicans ever learn?

Posts: 1 - Well you republicans got your collective butts handed to you on election day, and yet your party leadership is still riding the stupid train.

Clean Air & Water

Posts: 0 - I noticed that the article in todays paper about The House voting to eliminate EPA regulations was not posted here on line. I thought it was the most important article in the paper.

1931 days ago.
by gandulf
Why Can't We Learn

Posts: 0 - What if a no-fly zone doesn’t work? Now that the United States has committed itself militarily on behalf of the Libyan rebels, is it likely that it would stop if the no-fly zone fails.